How does billing work? Can I use my medical insurance?

  • I charge for time spent based on my hourly rate (current hourly rate will be part of the information sent to prospective patients before scheduling the first appointment). Fees are due at the time of each appointment, by check or by credit card (through Paypal). I am not an in-network provider with any insurance plans, although if you have insurance that has "out-of-network" benefits you may be able to receive partial reimbursement. I provide a statement with the codes necessary for insurance claims but filing and submitting claims is the responsibility of the patient. I am not a Medicare provider -- no claims may be sent to Medicare as per current Medicare "opt out" rules.

What is the cancelation policy? 

  • 24 hours notice is required to avoid full fee for the missed appointment.

How do prescriptions work?

  • Prescriptions are generally sent electronically by e-prescription system when needed at office appointments. Refills in-between appointments for medications are handled promptly via e-refill requests from the pharmacy. Insurance coverage for medications varies by insurance plan.

How can I reach the doctor in between appointments? 

  • I am easily available during the business week by direct email. I am also available at my office phone during the week, although with more limited hours. In addition, after hours contact instructions are given to established patients.

How often would I usually need to come in for follow up appointments? 

  • Frequency of follow ups varies considerably depending on a patient's specific situation and complexity of medication. In general, most patients come in monthly when their medications are changing or being adjusted; appointments are usually less often when medications are stable, and occasionally more often if clinically warranted. The nature of some medications (like stimulants) requires regular appointments even when doses are not changing.